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” You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously.”

Sophia Bush

Services at Christi Gadd Clinical Psychology

Life can be very difficult! Managing work and life. Building meaningful relationships. Family dynamics. Raising children. Losing loved ones. Or even going through traumatic or painful experiences! We often end up feeling overwhelmed, burdened, scared, worried, anxious, depressed, or numb. All these can leave you feeling lost in your sense of being both a masterpiece and a work in progress!
I aim to assist you in creating your own masterpiece. As such, I offer the following at my Pretoria East psychology practice at the Satori Health Centre:
Individual Therapy

At my Pretoria East psychology practice, Individual Therapy is a personalised process. This process is tailored to your needs. These needs could be to achieve certain goals or to relieve distress. It can also be to change any unfulfilling aspects of your life.

Couples Therapy

Most couples benefit from Couple’s Therapy at different stages in the relationship. Couples Therapy can increase satisfaction and fulfilment in a relationship. This is done by exploring the patterns that underlie the challenges that you face.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy creates a space where family members help each other to negotiate their current challenges. It creates a safe environment where families can have difficult discussions.

Online Psychotherapy

Online Psychotherapy is the use of an online medium to provide psychotherapy. Basically, it is psychotherapy from the comfort of your home.


Neuropsychology focusses on the way in which the brain regulates our behaviour. Neuropsychology may assist in identifying and managing brain-related illnesses and/or injuries.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological Assessment uses various psychometric techniques. This is to get a holistic picture of a person and their current functioning. This may apply to scholastic-, occupational- or social contexts.

Aeromedical Psychology

Aeromedical psychology focusses on the evaluation of aviation personnel. This includes pilots, cabin crew and air traffic controllers.

Insurance Assessment

Insurance Assessment is often requested by insurance companies. They request the investigation the validity of a person’s claim of incapacity to work.

Psycho-Legal Assessment

Psycho-legal Assessment is the application of psychological knowledge in a legal context. Psycho-legal reports may apply to personal injury-, medical negligence-, or third party claims.