Couples Therapy

“Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost.” – Khalil Gibran

Couple’s therapy (also called Relationship Therapy, Marriage Therapy or Marital Therapy) focusses on realigning what is meant with what is said at various points in the lifespan of a romantic partnership.

In this manner, couples are equipped with the communication skills needed to negotiate the challenges that life may bring, contributing to a sense of fulfillment in their relationship.

Couple’s therapy may be useful in:

  • Assisting couples in negotiating the different life stages of their relationship over time

  • Managing different socialization needs

  • Negotiating different parenting styles

  • Discussing different financial management styles

  • Balancing different sexual needs

  • Negotiating the boundaries of fidelity and dealing with the impact of breaches of these boundaries

Pre-marital Counselling aimed at facilitating effective communication skills has been scientifically proven to enhance the quality and longevity of long-term relationships. This is done by facilitating a discussion on marital goals and expectations before walking down the aisle.

Co-parenting Therapy may assist parents in prioritising the best interest of their children during or after the dissolution of their intimate relationship. Although they are no longer in an intimate relationship, they remain the parents of their children and will require skills in negotiating parenting decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do couple’s therapy sessions work?

When working with a couple, I have found it most effective to see each partner for an individual session first before commencing with joint sessions. This allows me to obtain a full picture of the challenges you are encountering and allows each partner a space to vent before commencing with joint sessions.

Once each partner has been heard individually, and possible hindrances to a joint process have been addressed, a therapeutic space is created where both partners can work towards more effective communication and a more satisfying relationship. Thus, after the initial individual therapy phase, the couple is seen together.

When should we consider couple’s therapy?

It is never too early to consider couple’s therapy. Pre-martial therapy may assist in building a foundation of communication in order to increase the longevity of a relationship. Whilst later therapy may assist in addressing various difficulties contributing to a sense of dissatisfaction within a relationship or as maintenance in the relationship to promote an optimal relationship.

What are the costs involved?
Sessions can be claimed from the medical aid on your behalf at the tariffs prescribed by the medical aids and no excess is payable if there are funds available in your medical saving account. If your fund are depleted, you remain responsible for the account.
Alternatively, sessions are charged at R1000 per 50 min session and may be paid for in cash, by card, Discovery Pay or via Snapscan ( at each session.
Will the medical aid pay for couple’s therapy?

Yes, the medical aid will pay for couple’s psychotherapy if there are sufficient funds available in your medical aid and no excess will be payable. If the medical aid, however, does not pay for the sessions, you will remain responsible for the bill.

Medical aid claims may either be done by the clinician and submitted directly to the medical aid, or clients may wish to pay via EFT and submit the claim to the medical aid themselves.