Christi Gadd

Clinical Psychologist in Pretoria East
Christi Gadd Clinical Psychologist Pretoria-East, Garsfontein

I am a Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist with a passion for human relationships. I am intrigued by the human condition with all it’s joys, sorrows, trials, and tribulations.

I practice from the Satori Centre for Interactional Wellness in Garsfontein, Pretoria-East and I am registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as an independent Clinical Psychologist.

Loving my work life and feeling fulfilled in what I do daily is a crucial component for me to feel happy and centered in my life. One aspect of my work that leaves me feeling deeply fulfilled is the opportunity to use both my head and my heart in unison when I work. On the one hand, building an empathic relationship, providing understanding and experiencing the privilege of joining people in their most painful, darkest and scariest places but also sharing in their joys and achievements. On the other hand, analysing their challenges in a logical and systematic manner, linking my scientific understanding of human interaction with the difficulties experienced to construct a holistic understanding.

I have found that using an Integrative Interactional Approach based on Person Centred Principles and an Ecosystemic understanding offers me a frame through which I can balance both levels of understanding whilst collaborating with clients to resolve their challenges. Interactional psychotherapy assists persons in facilitating effective, sustainable, and satisfying relationships. This allows me to select an appropriate technique based on the individual needs of each client in order to assist them in exploring how they relate with their environment.

Another component crucial to my fulfillment is variety. As such my practice comprises of various components:

  • Outpatient psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families at the Satori Centre for Interactional Wellness
  • Inpatient psychotherapy at Denmar Psychiatric Hospital and Life Groenkloof Hospital (the old Little Company of Mary)
  • A wide range of neuropsychological services including assessment and psychotherapy
  • Concussion Management
  • Functional assessments for insurance purposes
  • SARS confirmation of disability assessments
  • Medico-legal assessment
  • Supervision

My services are available in English and Afrikaans.

I am a lighthouse, rather than a lifeboat. I do not rescue, but instead help others to find their own way to shore.


The Satori Centre for Interactional Wellness is an upmarket, integrative wellness centre emphasising the relationship between the quality of our interpersonal relationships and our emotional well-being.

“Satori” is a Japanese term for “a moment of enlightenment” and “seeing into one’s true nature. Our collective aim is thus to facilitate personal growth and healing through allowing you to find your own moment of enlightenment.

The practice strongly stands on the pillars of warmth, empathy, genuineness and unconditional acceptance. Each individual is assisted with cognisance of how they function as part of a larger system where the nature and quality of their interpersonal relationships forms an integral part of their difficulties.

The vision of this practice is to provide the community with a holistic integrative service.

We are situated at 633 Windsor Road, Garsfontein,Pretoria – walking distance from Garsfontein High School and a few minutes’ drive from Faerie Glen, Menlyn,Olympus, and Moreleta Park.

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I relate, therefore I am. Thus, how I impact on you and how you impact on me determine the nature and quality of our being.

Prof. Charl Vorster


The ProST Concussion Initiative incorporates the highly acclaimed ImPACT neurocogntive test to assist in the management of concussions and aid in return to play decisions.


Where I am today, is the culmination of various meaningful moments, learnings and experiences in different contexts. I consider the following experiences as contributing significantly to the development of my understanding of the human condition and its intricacies:

2014 - Present

Clinical Psychologist
Christi Gadd Clinical Psychology

2018 - Present

Equilibrium Forensic Psychology

2018 - Present

Consultant Clinical Psychologist
ProST Concussion Initiative

2013 - 2017

Training & Supervising Clinical Psychologist
1 Military Hospital

2016 - 2017

Associate Clinical Psychologist
Bloye Neuropsychology

2016 - 2017

Part-time Research Supervisor


Part-time Lecturer: Psychodiagnostics
University of Pretoria


Community Service Clinical Psychologist
1 Military Hospital


Research Officer


Intern Clinical Psychologist
Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital


Research Assistant
Aurum Institute for Health Research


Tsoga Reconnect Foster Care

For more detail on these experiences, please consult my LinkedIn profile.


I draw from the education and training obtained during the following courses on a daily basis:


Peer Credentialing
South African Clinical Neuropsychology Association


MSc Clinical Psychology
University of Limpopo – Medunsa Campus


BSocSci (Hons) Psychology
University of Pretoria


BSc Human Physiology, Genetics & Psychology
University of Pretoria.


I maintain my professional development by engaging in the following society’s:


I also have a deep love for the academia and have published the following academically:


I have also completed the following workshops and courses in developing my professional competence:

  • 2017 Alzheimer’s South Africa, Gauteng Region Seminar: Towards a New Era

  • 2017 Fundamental Training in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy – Dr Elzette Fritz & Jenny da Silva, Milton H. Erickson Institute SA

  • 2017 International Neuropsychology Society 2017 Mid-Year Congress

  • 2016 Assessing fitness to stand trial at the Dr George Mukhari Unit at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital – Maryke Pierce, Dr George Mukhari Hospital

  • 2016 Clinical Neuroimaging Workshop – Dr Coenraad Hattingh, South African Clinical Neuropsychology Association (SACNA)

  • 2016 Expert Witness Training – Christa Booysen & Daleen Rickert, Justice College

  • 2016 Forensic Neuropsychology – Mr Trevor Reynolds, Private Practice

  • 2016 Forensic Psychology in a Family Law Context – Dr Henk Swanepoel, Private Practice

  • 2016 Forensic Psychology in the Courtroom and Criminal Setting – Lt Col Hayden Knibbs & Lt Col Bronwyn Stollarz, Investigative Psychology Unit, SAPS

  • 2016 Left vs right brain functioning – Dr Sharon Truter, NeuropsychologySA

  • 2016 Neuropsychology: Essential Tools for the Practitioner – Dr Sharon Truter, NeuropsychologySA

  • 2016 Psychological reports from the eyes of a legal representative – Lourens Verdoes, Notnagel Attorneys

  • 2016 Risk assessment & Forensic Report Writing – Lt Col Hayden Knibbs, Investigative Psychology Unit

  • 2016 Sexual Health: Medical and Legal implications – South African Medicolegal Association (SAMLA): Judge Edwin Cameron, Dr Marlene Wasserman, Dr Baraldi, Dr Louise Olivier

  • 2016 Sleep and Sleep Neuropathology – Dr Sharon Truter, NeuropsychologySA

  • 2016 The Human Skull: Important Considerations in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – Dr Sharon Truter, NeuropsychologySA

  • 2016 Threat Assessment – Prof Gerard Labuschagne, L&S Threat Management

  • 2016 Tools for Creative Problem Solving in Psychotherapy – Larissa Ernst & Leon Jacobs, Satori Centre for Interactional Wellness

  • 2016 Working with Brain Injury in Under-Resourced Settings – Rudi Coetzer & Ross Balchin, South African Clinical Neuropsychology Association (SACNA)

  • 2015 Joint minutes and issues arising from expert testimony – South African Medico-Legal Association (SAMLA)

  • 2015 Medico-Legal Mock Trial – Presiding Judges N Claassen and E Bertelsman, – South African Medico-Legal Association (SAMLA)

  • 2015 Record-Keeping for Psychologists: Ethical and Practical Considerations – Alfred Allan, Inter-Ed Publishers

  • 2015 Understanding and Measuring Memory: A Workshop in Applied Neuropsychology – Dr Sharon Truter, NeuropsychologySA & Mindmuzik Media

  • 2014 14th Biennial SACNA Conference – South African Clinical Neuropsychology Association (SACNA)

  • 2014 Psychology in the Courtroom – Brig (Prof) Gérard Labuschagne, Investigative Psychology Unit, SAPS

  • 2014 Thematic Apperception Test – Dr Warwick Phipps, Satori Centre for Psychotherapy Training

  • 2013 6th Biennial SANRA Conference – Partnerships in Neurorehabilitation – South African Neurorehabilitation Association (SANRA)

  • 2013 Understanding the Basic Neurological Examination for Psychologists – South African Clinical Neuropsychology Association (SACNA)

  • 2012 30th International Congress of Psychology – Psychology Serving Humanity

  • 2012 The psychologist in court – Alfred Allan, Inter-Ed Publishers


Psychoeducation and creating awareness for causes close to my heart is also one of my priorities, as such I’ve contributed to the following secular publications: